About Us

It takes a long time to get to know an area.  You can read reports and executive summaries until you’re dizzy, and you’ll still only scratch the surface.  There are stories, relationships, political beliefs, legends and countless other ingredients that shape a community into what it is –and into what it’s becoming.  Envision Homes understands these factors that shape people’s lives and desires to build affordable homes that align with these aspects.

Envision Homes takes pride in building homes one family at a time, giving you more space, more choice, and more value for your money. We spend countless hours trying to anticipate homebuyer’s needs and adapting to changing trends, such as various economic factors and community growth.

Envision Homes offers the most square feet for the least amount of money by mastering five important principles:  controlled volume, centralized scheduling, centralized purchasing, value engineering, and having experienced trade partners. 

It would seem logical that you would have to sacrifice choices in order to buy a home at a price you can afford, but the opposite is actually true.  We offer a wide variety of floorplans and exteriors to fit homebuyers’ daily lives and personal style. Also, by allowing you to choose your own finishes, floors, appliances and countless other options in the showroom; Envision Homes will only build what you desire and nothing you don’t.  This process leads to fully satisfied homeowners and saves valuable time and money, which can be passed on to you. Through this innovative building model we offer larger living areas, more variety, and more value so you can Envision a new home for less money!